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Quality Brand Name Wetsuits For Less

Find top names in quality wetsuits such as Body Glove, Hurley International, Ironman and more.  Learn about all of our brands and decide which one is right for your wetsuit needs.

Hurley International Wetsuits:  Hurley International wetsuits are made primarily for surfing.  They are also great for general water sports and activities, but not SCUBA diving or triathlon swimming.

Body Glove Wetsuits:  Body Glove makes wetsuits for everything!  While they offer wetsuits for SCUBA and triathlon, Body Glove is best known for their general watersport wetsuits.  All Body Glove wetsuits come with a one year factory warranty.  Made for men, women and children, Body Glove wetsuits are ideal for everyone.

Ironman Blue Seventy Wetsuits:  Ironman wetsuits are used for triathlon and open water swimming.  Blue Seventy is the new name of Ironman wetsuits.  Different name, same great quality.  Ironman wetsuits come in three categories: REACTION , ENERGIE, and HELIX. 

Rip Curl Wetsuits:  Rip Curl wetsuits are made primarily for surfing, although they can be used for wakeboarding and general water activities as well.  Rip Curl does not offer wetsuits for SCUBA or triathlon.  Rip Curl is dedicated to customer satisfaction which is why all Rip Curl wetsuits come with a lifetime warranty on all seams, a two year warranty on knees and one year warranty on materials.

Aleeda Wetsuits:  Aleeda wetsuits are designed for surfing and general water sports. They also offer a wide range of custom built wetsuits, made to your exact specs.  Aleeda wetsuits come with a four year warranty, the best on the market, plus a lifetime warranty on all seams.

Hyperflex Wetsuits:  Hyperflex wetsuits offer a great wetsuit at value prices. Backed by a full warranty, Hyperflex wetsuits are perfect for surfing and general watersports.  With two series, ACCESS and CYCLONE, you’re sure to find the Hyperflex wetsuit that’s right for you and your needs.

NeoSport Wetsuits:  NeoSport makes wetsuits primarily for SCUBA, although NeoSport triathlon wetsuits are also available.  Boasting comfort and flexibility, NeoSport wetsuits are a great choice for both men and women.  And, all NeoSport wetsuits come with a full year factory warranty.

Jet Pilot Wetsuits:  Jet Pilot wetsuits are great for wakeboarding and other water sports and general water activities.  Jet Pilot wetsuits are available for men, women and children.  With such a wide selection of innovative swimwear, you’re sure to find the Jet Pilot wetsuit that suits your water needs.

Xterra Wetsuits:  Xterra makes triathlon wetsuits that cannot be used for surfing or SCUBA diving.  Xterra’s triathlon wetsuits, worn by current world champion triathletes, are ideal for professionals.  Offering a two year warranty on all wetsuits, Xterra is confident in the quality of their product.

Wetsuit Wearhouse offers a wide variety of name brand wetsuits for surfing, triathlon and SCUBA.  Visit our Wetsuit F.A.Q. or speak to one of our experts at 866-906-SUIT to learn more about our brand names such as Hurley International and Body Glove wetsuits, and how to shop for them.  With our wide variety of wetsuits, you can rest assured Wetsuit Wearhouse has all the brand name wetsuits you need to extend your season for as long as possible.