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How to Care for a Wetsuit

Unfortunately, the process does not end when you have purchased your favorite wetsuit. You should consider salt water and chlorine an arch enemy of neoprene! These harsh environments will take a toll on your suit and leave you with a brittle, delicate, and stinky product.

Neoprene Care: Occasional users should rinse with freshwater after each use and hang dry on a special wetsuit hangar. The HangAir Wetsuit Dryer is a really cool product that dries your suit 70% faster than hanging alone. Frequent wetsuit users, especially those in a chlorinated pool, should keep some wetsuit shampoo and water in a bucket to give your wetsuit a quick dip after each use. This simple practice will add months of life to your wetsuit.

Storage: Be sure to store your wetsuit properly; dents and creases could become permanent and result in loss of insulation. The best way to store your wetsuit is to lay it flat, or hanging from a wetsuit hangar. Be sure to store your suit out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.

Zipper Maintenance: Prevent zipper corrosion by rinsing in fresh water and applying Zip-Tech often.

Odor: Wetsuits can really stink! One thing you might avoid is peeing in your suit! It’s without a doubt the hardest smell to get rid of… But sweat is plenty to make most suits smell, if they’re not cared for. If washing and shampooing the suit does not get rid of the smell, use MIRAZYME, it is the best product on the market to break down and wash away the bacteria that leads to wetsuit odor. The key is to prevent buildup, so don’t just do it once, try to repeat the process every few weeks.

Wetsuit tears happen after time, especially due to fingernail cuts. This is not a warranty issue, just nature of the beast. You should repair the suit immediately using a special neoprene glue.

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