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Top Holiday Gift Ideas at Wetsuit Wearhouse

It seems like the holidays roll around faster every year, and here we are almost half way through November already! Crazy. So, maybe you’re stumped on what to get the watersports enthusiast in your family? Here are our top five picks for this holiday buying season.

Hangair Wetsuit Dryer – $59.99

HANGAIR Wetsuit Dryer






This thing is awesome to get you into a dry wetsuit way faster than plain old hang drying. It is especially handy in the colder months if you’re doing multiple sessions a day or going out on back-to-back days, as the heavy winter suits can take a while to dry. Plus, the car adapter makes it perfect for those trips down to Baja. No one wants to crawl into an ice cold wet wetsuit!


Gorilla Wetsuit & Accessory Hangers$13 – 19.99

Underwater Kinetics Super Accessory HangerUnderwater Kinetics Super Wetsuit HangerUnderwater Kinetics Gorilla Wetsuit Hanger

These hangers are TOUGH and can handle any wetsuit. If they are tough enough for the Special Forces, they should be tough enough for you! Rated to support up to 50 pounds, these are perfect for long term winter wetsuit storage or drying between sessions. The accessory hanger is perfect for getting those gloves and boots to dry out quickly. Hanging your accessories helps reduce odor, as hanging promotes more airflow and allows water to drip out. That keeps all that sweat and sea water from making a nauseating fermented concoction!


Hyperflex Cyclone-2 3/2mm Fullsuit – $99.99

3/2mm Men's Hyperflex CYCLONE-2 Fullsuit3/2mm Women's Hyperflex CYCLONE-2 Fullsuit

Got an aspiring surfer in the family? The Cyclone-2 suits are insane for the money. Yet again, Hyperflex has changed the market as to what you get for a sub $100 suit. These suits are made from a crazy soft 100% stretch neoprene throughout (no cheap rubber in the lower body on this suit!)  But not only that, the suit is loaded with features: flatlock seams, durable YKK zipper, and Duratex knee pads. Women’s version available here.


7mm XCEL Infiniti Drylock Wetsuit Boots – $74.95


Xcel makes some of the best accessories on the market, and the Drylock boots are no exception. These have been the best pair of winter surfing boots we sell for years. The Drylock seals keep cold water out and any water or sweat that does get inside is soaked up by the super absorbent poly fleece to keep your skin as dry as possible. Give the gift of the best winter surfing boots for under 75 bucks.


2.5mm Neosport Wetsuit Vest w/ Front Zipper – Starting at $50

2.5mm Men's NeoSport Wetsuit Vest - Front Zip2.5mm Women's NeoSport Wetsuit Vest - Front Zip

Know someone cold in their heated swimming pool? Heck, maybe you’re cold in the pool and want to get a gift for yourself. These vests are perfect for a little extra insulation in a chilly pool and they are super easy to get on and off with the full front zipper. Help keep granny a little warmer in the coming cold weather months!

By Dave Mentzer

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