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The Busy Tough Mudder Season

It’s been a busy past month here at our retail location with people preparing for the fall season of Tough Mudder events. The whole Tough Mudder phenomenon is something we didn’t foresee just a few years ago, but has since exploded. Who would have known that trudging through a course filled with mud, fire, heights, and a few ice baths would create a worldwide sensation?  Actually, it’s become pretty funny when we have the unsuspecting customer carefully describe the “crazy adventure race they are doing”, worried that we won’t have a clue!

If you are new to the Tough Mudders and you’re unsure what to expect, we’ll help you out! Let’s start here with the below image; the top shows a man in the water without a wetsuit. He is cold. Below he is wearing the Neosport Wetsuit Vest and Hyperflex Beanie Cap. He is toasty.


As you can see, the wetsuit products help keep you more comfortable in the water and mud! But don’t take our word for it – Alicia and her husband ran the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder. They both used the Neosport wetsuit vest and it worked perfectly for them. We interviewed Alicia about her experience at the event:

What made you decide to register for the Tough Mudder?

My husband and I started promoting a 90 day health and fitness challenge and we are working on our own peak performance so we thought,” lets train for the Tough Mudder!” He did it in April and with me this Saturday.

How was it different than what you envisioned?

I have to say it was different than I thought because I was expecting it to be worse than it was. I was happy to see that our training had me relatively prepared.  I am just very happy that we decided to get wetsuits for the event because in April my husband and his team did not enjoy themselves that much due to the cold weather conditions. Not an issue this time.

Which wetsuit product did you choose for the event?

We choose the Neosport vest (You can find the product here) to keep our core warm and still allow us complete range of motion. It was the perfect fit for this type if event.  I even trained in mine before the event just to make sure that I could run and the fit was good.

If you had to do it over again, would you prepare for the event differently in any way?

When I do this event again I will be doing more strength training just to see how many obstacles I can do alone for personal satisfaction!

Did your wetsuit make it though the event undamaged?

I wore my wetsuit over my compression shirt and only had one issue with the mud during the army crawl under barbed wire. The zipper came down a bit and mud caked in the threads but the suit was still comfortable and it did not compromise the fit or function. My husband wore his under his shirt and had no issues at all!



The Neosport vest worked perfectly for Alicia and her husband because of the weather condition on the day of their event.  Your event conditions may vary and require different wetsuit items.  On the day of the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder the air temps were in the low 60’s. For colder events during winter months, Tough Mudder’s website actually recommends hooded full suits. These types of suits would be great when the air temperatures drop into the 30’s and 40’s.

For the World’s Toughest Mudder events where you are running the course for 24 hours, you will likely need more than one wetsuit to make it through the grueling event. A wetsuit top and bottoms like Alicia and her husband wore would be great for mild weather and during the daylight. But when the night comes (or you’re doing a very cold regular Tough Mudder) you will need a heavier full wetsuit to fight off hypothermia.

Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help. Call us at (866)906-7848 or email service@wetsuitwearhouse.com with any questions!

By Dave Mentzer

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