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Time for Springsuit Wetsuits!

Finally! It’s warmed up enough across the States to put away the parkas and break out the watersports gear. As the mercury keeps rising, your wetsuit needs may soon take you to a springsuit cut wetsuit. Springsuit wetsuits often cause some confusion, but we are here to cover all the basics!

A springsuit style wetsuit simply refers to any one piece suit that does not provide full coverage. The styles vary:


  • Shorty: A wetsuit with short arms and short legs, called a shorty, is the most common springsuit style. The shorty cut works well for a wide range of climates and water conditions.

  • Long Sleeve Shorty: This wetsuit has long arms with short legs and works well for those in conditions where the water is warm, but the air temperature is cool. A morning sessions is a perfect example. Some also like the added sun protection of the long sleeves.

  • Short Sleeve Fullsuits: Suits with long legs and short arms work well in conditions of cooler water but warm air temperatures. The short sleeves help regulate body temperature, while still having the insulating neoprene covering the lower body while you wait to catch a wave.

  • Short/Long Johns: “John” style suits (or “Jane” for ladies) are sleeveless options available with either long or short legs. These cuts work well for those that want full range of motion in their shoulders (or those with shoulder injuries) and are OK giving up a bit of sun protection and insulation from sleeves.

Note: Most springsuit style wetsuits will have a thickness around 1.5 – 2.5mm. As far as thickness is concerned, don’t sweat it too much; anything in the 1.5 – 2.5mm range will do the job and have a very similar insulation value.

Other than cut, the other big decision is your desired price point. There are three price points to consider:


Entry level suits, $50-70: These suits are great for individuals needing a wetsuit only a few times a season or for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. These suits are made of durable grades of neoprene and the flatlock stitched seams will last forever.

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Mid level suits, $70-100: Suits in this price range are great for frequent users or those in high performance sports. These suits are made of a soft grade of super stretch neoprene to ensure a better fit and ease of movement.

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High performance/competition suits, $125+: Suits in this category are made to be as light and stretchy as possible. Expect buttery soft super stretch neoprene that is especially lightweight. Suits in this category are for the discerning performance sports enthusiast/professional that needs high-end stretch and lightweight materials.

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Should you have a specific question about springsuits or need a recommendation, we’re here to help! Give us a call, (866) 906-7848 or email us, service@wetsuitwearhouse.com with whatever is on your mind.

Posted by: Dave Mentzer 4/28/2014

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