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Water Aerobics Wetsuits

Water Aerobics allows a person to exercise every muscle and joint in the body all at the same time. If your pool is too cold or you are catching a chill from the outside air, consider adding a thin wetsuit for your workout.

Wetsuit Wearhouse Video Series: Water Aerobics Wetsuits

The most popular water aerobics wetsuit is a  top and/or bottom set consisting of a wetsuit top and shorts. The 2 piece concept allows for maximum range of motion and flexibility. An added benefit is that you can mix and match sizing for the top and bottom. Our best selling wetsuit for water aerobics is the NeoSport Front-Zip Vest because it offers excellent range of motion, lots of warmth, and an easy front zipper. This vest is available in Men’s sizes up to 6XL, and Women’s up to 18. Most customers in warm to moderate pools start with this product, then add shorts or pants if they need some extra insulation. We also carry a front zip jacket by BARE with long sleeves if needed. Full front zippers are rare in the wetsuit world, but are in high demand for water aerobics customers who need a hassle free experience. Wetsuit Wearhouse maintains an excellent stock of full front-zip wetsuit gear.

We offer discounts for group buys of 10+ wetsuits. Please contact Chris at (866)906-7848 or email chris@wetsuitwearhouse.com 



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Looking for more warmth than a vest or jacket? Check out our 1 piece wetsuit offerings below. We have sleeveless shorty wetsuits and sleeveless fullsuits for men and women. Remember, full front zippers make wetsuits less cumbersome.


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Care and maintenance of your wetsuit is important for water aerobics customers exercising in chlorinated pools. Chlorine inevitably reduces the lifespan of any neoprene product, but you can take steps to minimize the damaging effects. The most important wetsuit care tip that we can share is to rinse the suit in fresh water after EVERY use and hang dry OUT of direct sunlight. Customers in chlorine 3+ days per week should consider investing in a wetsuit shampoo & conditioner combo (as picture below). Simply dump a capful in a 5 gallon bucket and dunk your wetsuit prior to a freshwater rinse. Wetsuits cleaners and conditioners help keep the neoprene soft and supple. * You can reuse the solution over and over for maximum bang for the buck!

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