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Flexible Wetsuit Hanger
    Flexible Wetsuit Hanger
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      Flexible Wetsuit Hanger

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    Flexible Wetsuit Hanger

    Flexible wet suit and dry suit hanger prolongs the life of your wet suit or dry suit by conforming to any suit design. Unique Memory Foam bends and molds to your suit's exact shape. Eliminates seam stress, suit slippage and creases in neoprene. Disassembles for travel convenience.

    Directions For Use:

    If your hanger is unassembled, simply rotate the stainless steel sleeve, matching the hole with the internal support mechanism. Thread the hook into the internal support. The hook may be left loose to allow a swivel effect or be fully tightened.
    To match your custom wet suit or dry suit design, bend one arm of the hanger at a time. For best results, bend your hanger by hand or over the knee.
    Periodically rinse the entire hanger with fresh water and towel dry.

    Technical Specs

    Style Accessory
    Gear Aid
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