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August, 2019

scuba diving dangers and risks
  August 22nd, 2019

SCUBA Diving Dangers & Risks

SCUBA Diving Dangers and Risks SCUBA diving is a very exciting sport. Being able to breathe underwater and explore the underwater world is truly remarkable. However, there are SCUBA diving...
common surfing injuries
  August 22nd, 2019

Common Surfing Injuries

Common Surfing Injuries Surfing injuries are simply a part of the commitment to surfing that we call “paying our dues”. Some of the most common surfing injuries like sunburn, marine stings,...
what is red tide
  August 22nd, 2019

What Is Red Tide?

What Is Red Tide? Everything You Need To Know About Toxic Algal Blooms Let’s start with the facts: Red Tide is a common term used to describe the naturally-occurring phenomena of algal...