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Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown

Hannah lives in Virginia Beach with her two cats and her fiance. She loves to read, write, and binge watches YouTube videos. Her favorite hobbies are tending to her overgrown houseplants and traveling. To contact Hannah please email
Hannah Brown

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types of surfboards
  August 10th, 2020

Different Types Of Surfboards

Different Types of Surfboards Anyone who is new to the surfing scene will most likely have a difficult time understanding the surf lingo. And while the first step most people will take with...
how should a wetsuit fit
  July 29th, 2020

How Should a Wetsuit Fit?

How Should a Wetsuit Fit? If you are a first-time wetsuit buyer, figuring out how a wetsuit should fit and what size to choose can be difficult. The design and fabric of a wetsuit are so...
what is neoprene fabric made of
  July 15th, 2020

What Is Neoprene Fabric Made Of?

What Is Neoprene Fabric Made Of? If you are new to the world of wetsuits all the jargon around neoprene fabric can be a little bit overwhelming. We don’t want you to make an uninformed...