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Scott Jorss

Scott Jorss

Scott is an American Canoe Association L3 certified standup paddle board instructor. He's been SUPing his home waters of the Potomac River for over 10 years. Scott is the SUP Director of Potomac Paddlesports where he teaches flat water, white water, and race training classes. When he's not teaching, Scott's SUP racing in the mid-Atlantic region. Although a frequent podium finisher, it's all about the SUP community for him. During Scott's off-season he can be found where his water is still white (just frozen): Whitetail Ski Resort volunteering for the National Ski Patrol.
Scott Jorss

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Posts by Scott Jorss

how to stand up paddle board
  September 8th, 2017

How to Stand Up Paddle Board – 101 Guide

How to Stand Up Paddle Board How to stand up paddle board is pretty easy, but there are some important tips to consider in order to keep...
stand up paddle board inflatable pfd
  June 2nd, 2016

Stand Up Paddle Board Safety Series

Stand up paddle board (or SUP) is a fun sport that channels relaxed attitudes and cool vibes.   While this is one of the biggest draws of the sport, we can never take a vacation...