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How to Buy a Triathlon Wetsuit

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Want to know how to buy a triathlon wetsuit? It’s important to remember that a triathlon wetsuit is different than the usual wetsuit. Triathletes know that surf and SCUBA diving wetsuits just don’t cut it for competitive swimming.


Triathlon wetsuits are made out of super buoyant neoprene panels that actually help you float in the water. Tri suits also feature a slick skin exterior that allows you to glide through the water without any friction.


These specialized wetsuits are also cut differently to minimize restriction. The legs are cut above the calf, armpits are wider, and necklines are specially designed to provide the ultimate range of motion. Lastly, all triathlon wetsuits are made out of high grade stretch neoprene to ensure a glove like fit.


Are you ready to buy a triathlon wetsuit? Let’s get started!


Triathlon wetsuits are available in Full or Long John styles.


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Fullsuits are warmer and more buoyant, for water temperatures below 60 degrees (depending on your tolerance for cold). Since there is more rubber in a fullsuit, it floats more. If you’re balanced and higher in the water you’ll swim faster. Additionally, fullsuits let less water in at the seals, which reduces weight and drag.


Long Johns or Janes are sleeveless wetsuits designed for water 60 degrees and up. The main advantage of a long john is increased flexibility and mobility due to the sleeveless design. Long John wetsuits also are easier to remove during the transition to your bike.


You also want to consider buoyancy and inner linings when choosing a triathlon wetsuit!


1- Buoyancy Factor: This is a snapshot of how the wetsuit floats in the water. Adding more buoyancy to the suit makes your swim easier and more efficient.


Good: Buoyancy panel is located on chest
Better: Panel extends from chest to thighs
Best: Panel covers chest to ankles for maximum buoyancy


2- Inner Lining: The inner lining -or- jersey of a wetsuit directly impacts the flexibility and stretchiness of a wetsuit. More stretch equals more flexibility.


2 Way Stretch: Super stretch material that is twice as stretchy as standard wetsuit neoprene
4 Way Stretch: Super stretch material that is 4 times as stretchy as standard wetsuit neoprene
6 Way Stretch: Super stretch material that is 6 times as stretchy as standard wetsuit neoprene


Please Be Aware.. These feature packed wetsuits cannot be used for any other sporting activities except swimming. The coated neoprene is delicate and will easily puncture if diving or surfing.


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Want to know more about triathlon wetsuits? Watch the video below!


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