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Wetsuit Wearhouse is the authority when it comes to wetsuits and water sports. And, our blog is where we share the latest and greatest surfing articles, scuba diving articles, wetsuit articles, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for an information, entertainment, or both, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in our collection of blog posts.

what to wear cold water swimming
  December 1st, 2020

What To Wear Cold Water Swimming

What To Wear Cold Water Swimming To try and stay as warm as possible we have all kinds of options these days when it comes to what to wear cold water swimming. Getting comfortable with swimming...
cold water surfing tips
  December 1st, 2020

Cold Water Surfing Tips

Cold Water Surfing Tips Getting into the freezing cold ocean is intimidating but with our quick guide it doesn’t have to be Cold water surfing tips might sound like common sense, but there...
what to wear kayaking
  November 9th, 2020

What To Wear Kayaking

What To Wear Kayaking Let’s address the most obvious point: kayaking is a water sport. As such, let’s all dress like we expect to get wet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen...
wetsuit hacks
  November 3rd, 2020

Wetsuit Hacks

Wetsuit Hacks Whether fighting to get your wetsuit on, struggling to stay warm, or trying every method to get it dry quicker, there are plenty of things to think about before you start surfing.   Seasoned surfers — through many...
what to wear wakeboarding
  October 28th, 2020

What To Wear Wakeboarding

What To Wear Wakeboarding What to wear for wakeboarding: Stay comfortable and protect yourself behind the boat while maintaining your sense of style Like all extreme sports, wakeboarding is...
the benefits of wearing a wetsuit
  October 27th, 2020

The Benefits Of Wearing A Wetsuit

The Benefits Of Wearing A Wetsuit Everyone knows they keep you warm but the benefits of wearing a wetsuit go well beyond temperatures When you think of a wetsuit, the first thing that probably...
what tide is best for surfing?
  September 24th, 2020

What Tide Is Best For Surfing?

What Tide Is Best For Surfing? The waves are up! But for how long? Surfing uses all the human senses. If you’ve surfed the same reef breaks or jetty locations on a routine basis, you may...
  September 23rd, 2020

What Are Good Surfing Conditions?

What Are Good Surfing Conditions? What happens on those days that leave you stoked? Surfers are obsessed with knowing when the optimum surfing conditions are going to hit their local break....
why so surfboards have fins
  August 31st, 2020

Why Do Surfboards Have Fins?

Why Do Surfboards Have Fins? Hunting surfboard fins online and wondering the right type of fin for your board? Fins are essential components for riding and carving a wave, and the surf fins you...
what is a hydrofoil board
  August 31st, 2020

What Is A Hydrofoil Board & How Does It Work?

What Is A Hydrofoil Board & How Does It Work? Those Funky Boards With A Long Metal Fin Are Changing Everything The Design When answering...
surfer slang and terms
  August 17th, 2020

Surfer Slang & Terms

Surfer Slang: Popular Surfing Terms & Use Surf-speak has evolved over the decades and is forever changing as new generations of coastal locals and traveling surfers rise. Surfer slang is...
types of surfboards
  August 10th, 2020

Different Types Of Surfboards

Different Types of Surfboards Anyone who is new to the surfing scene will most likely have a difficult time understanding the surf lingo. And while the first step most people will take with...

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