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Wetsuit Wearhouse is the authority when it comes to wetsuits and water sports. And, our blog is where we share the latest and greatest surfing articles, scuba diving articles, wetsuit articles, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for an information, entertainment, or both, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in our collection of blog posts.

what are surfboards made of
  June 14th, 2022

 What Are Surfboards Made Of?

 What Are Surfboards Made Of? Have you ever seen someone gliding across the water on a surfboard and wondered what are surfboards made of? If you have, this one is for you! In this article,...
how to read surfboard dimensions
  June 14th, 2022

Surfboard Dimensions Explained

Surfboard Dimensions Explained If you are in the market for a new surfboard there are several things you need to know. Not only do you need to know the different parts of the surfboard, but...
how surfboards are made
  June 7th, 2022

How Surfboards Are Made

How Surfboards Are Made Have you ever thought about how surfboards are made?  Even the making of a surfboard involves a lot of science. This post gives you an insight into how...
how much do surfboards weigh
  May 31st, 2022

How Much Do Surfboards Weigh?

How Much Do Surfboards Weigh? Curious about the weight of your next surfboard? Like paddleboards, skimboards, and wakeboards, surfers want to be snappy on their feet when riding a wave. Your...
what is an undertow
  May 2nd, 2022

What Is An Undertow?

What Is An Undertow? My goal is to help you better understand what an undertow is. Undertows... What Are They? People often use the terms “undertow” and “rip current”...
surfing competition rules
  May 2nd, 2022

Surfing Competition Rules & How It’s Scored

Surfing Competition Rules & How They’re Scored  Surfing competitions can be some of the most thrilling sporting events of our time....
biggest surfing competitions
  April 28th, 2022

What Are The Biggest Surfing Competitions?

What Are The Biggest Surfing Competitions? There are hundreds of surfing competitions each year but only a handful of them can claim that...
what does padi stand for
  April 26th, 2022

What Does PADI Stand For?

What Does PADI Stand For? What does PADI stand for exactly? It stands for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. How Did PADI Get Started? PADI was started in 1966 by two...
different parts of an ocean wave
  April 11th, 2022

What Are The Different Parts Of An Ocean Wave?

What Are The Different Parts Of An Ocean Wave? If you have found yourself here, you most likely have a deep love and profound reverence for...
what are the parts of a surfboard
  March 29th, 2022

What Are the Parts of a Surfboard?

What Are the Parts of a Surfboard? A surfboard doesn’t look all that complicated until you really dig into the anatomy and really define all the parts that make it what it is. Parts of...
do you need a license to scuba dive
  March 28th, 2022

Do You Need a License to SCUBA Dive?

Do You Need a License to SCUBA Dive? SCUBA diving is a very exciting sport! However, there are many inherent risks in SCUBA diving that can be avoidable with proper training. Without a...
Is It Dangerous To Dive With Sharks?
  March 19th, 2022

Is It Dangerous To Dive With Sharks?

Is It Dangerous To Dive With Sharks? Is it dangerous to dive with sharks? The short answer is no. Most people are scared of sharks. Sharks are one of the most mistakenly feared animals in...

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