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Wetsuit Wearhouse is the authority when it comes to wetsuits and water sports. And, our blog is where we share the latest and greatest surfing articles, scuba diving articles, wetsuit articles, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for an information, entertainment, or both, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in our collection of blog posts.

  July 10th, 2020

What Is A 3/2 Wetsuit?

What Is A 3/2 Wetsuit? Picture this - it's a beautiful summer day where the sun is out, there's not a cloud in sight, and the air feels warm against your skin. You decide to jump into the water...
what is a 4/3 wetsuit
  July 10th, 2020

What Is a 4/3 Wetsuit?

What Is a 4/3 Wetsuit? Maybe you've scrolled the website and came across our 4/3mm section of fullsuits and you wondered, 'What is a 4/3 wetsuit?'. Pronounced as "four-three", 4/3mm wetsuits...
is a wetsuit waterproof
  June 23rd, 2020

Is A Wetsuit Waterproof? Do You Stay Dry?

Is A Wetsuit Waterproof? Do You Stay Dry? What is the Most Common Wetsuit Question? If you guessed “is a wetsuit waterproof?” Then...
can a woman wear a men's wetsuit
  May 27th, 2020

Can A Woman Wear A Men’s Wetsuit?

Can A Woman Wear A Men's Wetsuit? Wetsuits made for women today are not your grandma’s wetsuits. With new technology, quality materials and detailed attention to fit, female surfers have...
why do surfers wear black wetsuits
  May 6th, 2020

Why Do Surfers Wear Black Wetsuits?

Why Do Surfers Wear Black Wetsuits? Whether a surfer is new to chasing swell or a seasoned pro, a wetsuit is the second skin that’s taken pretty seriously for most surfers. It’s the first...
can you surf in winter
  May 6th, 2020

Can You Surf In Winter?

Can You Surf In Winter? Ah, the age-old, er, season-old question of 'Can you surf in winter?'. You know, for some, surfing in winter may seem completely insane. While to others it may seem...
uses for old wetsuit
  May 6th, 2020

Other Uses For Old Wetsuit?

Uses For Old Wetsuit If you find yourself feeling chillier than normal when you’re out in the water it may very well be that the trusty old wetsuit you’ve had for the last few years isn’t...
is neoprene warm
  May 6th, 2020

Is Neoprene Warm?

Is Neoprene Warm? You put it on almost every time you want to do your favorite cold water activity. Your wetsuit is vital to keeping you out in the action. But do you know how it keeps you...
swimming outdoors
  April 17th, 2020

Pool Closed? Tips on Swimming Outdoors

'New Normal': Tips on Swimming Outdoors During COVID-19 Hello, swim fam! Coronavirus have your local pool closed forcing you to resort to swimming outdoors? We’ve all been talking a lot...
dc cherry blossom paddling
  April 17th, 2020

Your Guide to the Best DC Cherry Blossom Paddling

Your Guide to the Best DC Cherry Blossom Paddling Spots Springtime in DC is a celebration. The gray hues of winter give way to blue skies....
spring wakesurfing
  March 12th, 2020

Getting a Jump on Spring Wakesurfing

Getting a Jump on Spring Wakesurfing At the end of last season, you had your boat winterized and stored your gear to keep it all safe and out of the way throughout winter. Since then, while...
chain of lakes
  February 19th, 2020

The Chain of Lakes & the Watersports to Enjoy There

Chain of Lakes, Florida In the heart of Central Florida, there’s a special place and a not-so-well-kept secret – The Chain of Lakes....

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