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How to Choose a Wetsuit Size

   January 28th, 2016   Posted In: How-To  

Selecting the correct wetsuit size can be tough, especially for first time wetsuit buyers. Wetsuits fit tighter than clothing, and the wetsuit size will usually be one or two sizes bigger than clothing. Even a perfect fitting wetsuit will be a bit tough to get on and off; it has to be that way, since wetsuits work by trapping water between the suit and skin, creating an insulating layer of water warmed by body heat.

How to find your wesuit size

Use these following tips to make sure you buy the right wetsuit size:

Selecting a wetsuit size based on weight alone is unreliable. We highly recommend using body measurements whenever possible.

Sizing for Full Wetsuits and Springsuits:

  • Height and chest are the most important measurements.
  • Measure your chest at the widest point, with the tape gently snug.
  • Regarding length, it’s generally OK if the suit is a little on the long side. It’s generally NOT OK if the suit is too short. It will likely be uncomfortable in the crotch and neck.
  • If in between two sizes, take the larger size.

Sizing for Wetsuit Tops:

  • The chest measurement is most important.
  • Height is less important for tops, so as long as it’s close the fit should work.

Sizing for Wetsuit Shorts:

  • Waist measurement is most important.
  • Height is irrelevant for short sizing.

Sizing for Boots:

  • Order your regular shoe size. If you are a half size, round DOWN to the nearest whole size.
  • Wetsuit boots are not made in half sizes. Neoprene (wetsuit material) is stretchy and will stretch a half size.
  • Wetsuit boots should fit slightly tighter than regular shoes.

Sizing for Gloves:

  • Measure around your palm.
  • If in between sizes, round down to the smaller size.

Need help figuring out your size? Call (866-906-7848), E-mail (, or chat with one of our wetsuit experts for sizing advice. We’re happy to help!


Lauren Belt

Merchandiser at Wetsuit Wearhouse
Lauren (LoLo) has been picking out the latest and greatest wetsuits and being the social media queen for Wetsuit Wearhouse since 2014. She learned to surf for the first time ever in Costa Rica but she gravitates more towards SUP. When she's not scouring the web for travel deals, you can find her either hiking, running, practicing yoga, studying holistic nutrition or reading a good book outside on a beautiful day.

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  • Avatar janete says:

    I’m interested in the Women’s Rip Curl G-BOMB Cap Sleeve Springsuit.
    My measures are 5’3″ height / 134 lbs/ 37″ chest (bust) / 31″ waist
    What is the correct size for me?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Janete,

      Based on your measurements, you should go with a size 12. Unfortunately we do not have a size 12 in the G-Bomb Cap Sleeve Springsuit. We are currently checking with our brand rep to see if we will be getting any size 12’s in soon and we will let you know! Thank you!

  • Avatar Jean Weir says:

    Where do I find a size chart?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Jean,

      Thanks for asking! You can find size charts when you click on an actual product and scroll down to the description of the product and click the Size Chart tab. Since all of the brands we offer have different size charts, we do not have a universal size chart to go off of. If you need any help with sizing or how to choose a size, feel free to contact our customer service either via email ( or phone, 866-906-7848. Thank you!

  • Avatar Bill Harrell says:

    Want to get a little shoulder and arm strength (rotator cuff)tear.some respiratory problems no submerging. 52y/o male 52 chest Where can I find a top?

  • Avatar Zane Frye says:

    Got a customer I’m trying to fit with a wetsuit. He needs a 3mm full suit. Measurements are chest: 55, waist: 58, hips: 54 and inseam: 34. He’s 74″ tall, weight 380. Do you have a suit that will fit, and if so, could you provide a price?

  • Avatar Tammi says:

    Thanks for the quick delivery. However, this suit was just to small in the bust, so I am returning. (neosport shorty spring suit, 2mm) , I am 5’1″ and have a 42 top and size 12 bottom/short waisted. I need a spring 1mm suit for Arizona swimming/aerobics in winter in outdoor pool. 2mm I feel will be to thick for what I need. Any suggestions appreciated…so I can re-order something that will work.

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Tammi,

      Sorry that the suit ended up being on the smaller side. Unfortunately, we do not have anything that’s 1mm thick that will provide you with the best fit right now. Based on your measurements and your needs, we recommend a front zip vest and a pair of shorts. The vest is 2mm thick, but your arms have that free range of motion while keeping your core warm and the shorts will add some additional warmth/coverage. We suggest this vest in a size 14: and these shorts: Please feel free to reach out to our customer service as they can better help you find just what you need, our phone is 866-906-7848 and our email is Thank you!

  • Avatar jeff says:

    I’m 6’9″, 230 lbs — any wetsuit out there that’s going to fit me? Thanks!

  • Avatar Paul says:

    What size would 5’9″ height and 37/38″ chest get for a 4/3 fullsuit used for surfing?


  • Avatar Carson woods says:

    I have a 41″ chest, 35″ waist, I’m 71″ tall,
    I ocean swim on Long Island Ny and water gets as cold as 60 degrees when I swim, what full suit do you recommend?

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi Carson,

      Thank you for reaching out and asking! Based on what you said, we have a lot of fullsuit options for you and two different routes you could take. IF the suit will be for multiple sports, I would recommend a 3/2mm fullsuit and because of your chest, waist and height, I would recommend looking at size LS. Remember that fullsuits are supposed to fit tight and like a second skin. There are also a lot of other personal factors that need to be included such as price range and zipper type. Here is a full list general use 3/2mm men’s fullsuits that we have in stock for you to choose from:

      If this suit is ONLY going to be used for swimming, you should consider a triathlon wetsuit. Triathlon wetsuits are standard 5/3mm thickness, and for your water temps, you could either go with a full sleeve or sleeveless. Your triathlon wetsuit size should be large.

      Hope that helps! And if you have any more questions, please reach out to our customer service via email or phone. Email is and phone is 866-906-7848.

      Thank you!

  • Avatar george smith says:

    I’m looking to add a second shorty (original is 2 mm and no stretch), I’m looking at 2.5 mm with stretch. I am on chemo maintenance and dexamethasone tends to shift excess weight from arms, legs and butt to waist and underarms. Kidney Dr. has me cancelling water loss pill so some fluid weight tends to stay in belly area. Hence shape is pear/apple! Height is 5.9 and chest size is 44+
    The one you highlight has sizes jumping from 1xl to 2 xl but skips the xls size which would appear to best match my needs.
    I am willing to skip the sale price if there is another xls which would match my needs.

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hi George,

      Thank you for asking! Based on your needs and chest sizing, I think that the 2.5mm HyperFlex VYRL springsuit would be your best bet. We even have the size XLS in stock! Here it is:

      If you are maybe looking for another suggestion or for more help on finding the best suit, please contact our customer service team. Email is or call at 866-906-7848. All the best with everything going on and hope you have a great weekend!

    • Avatar Angel Adams says:


      • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

        Hey Angel,

        Are you saying that your bust measurement is 42 inches or is that your bra size? Also, what type of watersport or activity do you need to wear a wetsuit for? Thanks!!

  • Avatar Russell says:

    I live in western Washington. Just starting kayaking. 62 y/o, 180lbs., 6′ tall, 32/32 pants size, 42 inch chest. Need help buying my first wetsuit.

    • Avatar Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Russell,

      Thanks for reaching out about this and that’s awesome that you’re starting kayaking! Please send an email to our customer service,, or give our service team a call at 866-906-7848 and they will help you find exactly what you’re looking for! Thank you!

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