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How to Put on a Wetsuit Easily

   March 22nd, 2018   Posted In: How-To  

How to Put on a Wetsuit Easily

You’ve got your wetsuit and now it’s time to put it to good use. But, you might not know how to put on a wetsuit easily, which is why we’re here to help. With some practice and care, you’ll find that how to get a wetsuit on isn’t that bad.


The first step on how to put on a wetsuit is to understand that the wetsuit should fit like a second skin. With that being said, our word of advice on how to get into a wetsuit is this: if you have a plastic bag, a pair of WETSOX socks or a wetsuit-specific lubricant on hand, use those to help get into the wetsuit! With the plastic bag or wetsuit socks on your feet, that will help get the entire wetsuit over your foot. The wetsuit-specific lubricant (do NOT use oil-based lubricants or any soap or detergent) can be used all over your body. This will help the wetsuit “glide” on your body as you put it on.


Once you have the wetsuit over your feet and ankles, work it up each leg, one leg at a time. Adjust the legs so that you are pulling the material upwards and there’s no bagginess in the legs. Start pulling the wetsuit up towards your hips and waist and adjust any excess material.


Now it’s time for the arms. Put one arm in the wetsuit sleeve and then the next and – that’s right – adjust so there’s no baggage or tons of folds. By adjusting the neoprene, this will make the wetsuit fit snug in all the right places and will help you zip the suit.


And last but not least, once your entire body is in the wetsuit, it’s time to zip that zipper to complete the look!

Another pro tip: make sure to be super careful and cautious when putting on a wetsuit. The last thing you want is to tear or snag the wetsuit or the smooth skin panels on the wetsuit, so make sure your fingernails are short or even wear gloves to prevent any tearing.


It’s not so bad putting on a wetsuit now, is it? Even though we listed out the steps to getting into a wetsuit easily, we also have this video to help show the process as well!



Lauren Belt

Merchandiser at Wetsuit Wearhouse
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