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Neoprene Allergy? Patagonia Might Help!

   December 29th, 2016   Posted In: Articles, News  

If you’ve ever experienced a neoprene allergy, it’s not pleasant to say the least. The latest wetsuit technology from Patagonia might just solve that problem!


While it’s not an exact guarantee yet, the brand new line of neoprene-free (and potential hypoallergenic wetsuit) Yulex wetsuits from Patagonia may prevent a neoprene allergy reaction.


Hub Hubbard, Patagonia’s Wetsuit Product Manager and the mind behind the Yulex line, said, “Some people are allergic to Thiuram, which is not present in our rubber. However that’s not to say they aren’t allergic to some other ingredients, like foaming agents or lamination glues. We’ve had some people be successful with the yulex rubber and some have still had reactions.”


So there’s some hope for those suffering from a neoprene allergy. If you tend to experience a wetsuit allergy or maybe you’re not sure if you will, contact us and we’ll send you a Yulex koozie that you can wear around your arm or leg to test for a reaction (we’ll apply a $5 shipping fee to a future order for the koozie). That way, before taking the dive – no pun intended – of committing to buying a wetsuit, you can see if Yulex causes a neoprene allergy or not.


Interested? Call us (866-906-7848) or email (service@wetsuitwearhouse.com) and we’ll be happy to help ease any neoprene allergy woes!


Want to know more about Yulex? Check out this video!


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  • Peter Ray Moroney says:

    I Am a free diver (spear fishing) and have a 2 piece camo open cell suit that has never given me any problem re: rash/allergy, probaby because i dive in cold water here in New Zealand.
    However I have recently taken up freedive pool training and purchased a 2 mm dedicated apnea suit. (Beachat Zento) I have found I am allergic to the neoprene which leaves me with a rash stomach/back/shoulder areas after every training and takes me a week to recover..and so the cycle continues. I love the training and have increased my breath time and underwater distance considerably but I struggle for days afterwards with the itching rash and have to treat this with antihystemine/creams
    Your natural rubber suits may be a godsend!
    Do you manfacture a 2mm freedive suit (ie: drag coefficint/fit) such as the zento. If so I would be very interested to try an allergy test of your product.

    Look forward to your reply

    • Lauren Belt says:

      Hey Peter-Ray,

      Thanks for reaching out to us about this. We actually do not sell (and Patagonia also does not make) swimming-specific suits in this neoprene-free material. Their suits are strictly for surfing purposes. We apologize about this and that we do not offer neoprene-free options for swim use at the moment. We hope you are able to find something that will work, we know neoprene allergies are no fun! Again, thank you for asking.

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