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At Wetsuit Wearhouse, we’re passionate about surfing and we know you are too. That’s why we have collected all of the latest surfing news and blog posts from our blog into one easy to navigate library. Our surfing articles will provide you with everything you need to know about the sport and then some. Here, you’ll find our seasonal wetsuit buying guides, surfing location guides, wetsuit reviews, money-saving coupons and more. Catch up on the latest surfing news now! We’re constantly uploading new posts to our blog and anytime an article focuses on surfing news, you’ll find it here, so be sure to check back here often for all of our latest articles and coupons on surfing gear and training.

how to choose a surfboard
  October 9th, 2018

How to Choose a Surfboard

Here's How to Choose a Surfboard Learning how to surf takes a lot of work and can be a lot of fun if you have the right board. Most first-time surfers make the mistake of buying the first...
best east coast surfing
  October 3rd, 2018

8 of the Best East Coast Surfing Spots in the US

Eight of the Best East Coast Surfing Spots in the United States The quality of your surf trip depends on the quality of the surf. You can be...
hwo to stand up on a surfboard
  September 27th, 2018

How to Stand up on a Surfboard

Surf's Up: Here's How to Stand up on a Surfboard It seems like just yesterday when I was surfing for the first time ever in Costa Rica. I wasn't worried about being thrashed by a wave, I was...
how to surf on a longboard
  September 12th, 2018

How to Surf on a Longboard

How to Surf on a Longboard Longboard surfing can be a fun experience, but it can also be a dangerous one if you're unsure of proper surfing procedure. It's important to understand how to surf...
roxy wetsuits
  March 22nd, 2018

Roxy Wetsuits: Using Fashion & Function to Make Waves

BTS with the Roxy Wetsuits Design Team With the latest wetsuit season in full swing, we're bringing you an exclusive behind the scenes...
costa rica surf spots
  March 5th, 2018

Best Costa Rica Surf Spots – Where To Surf In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Surf Spots: The Best Surf Spots in Costa Rica Many of my wetsuit clients love to sing Costa Rica's praises. It's an appealing,...
surf spots
  March 5th, 2018

Spectacular Surf Spots Every Surfer Needs to Experience

The Top 4 Surf Spots Every Surfer Needs to Know About The surfing experience is only ever as good as the waves on offer. Thankfully, there are...
surf spots in the world
  February 26th, 2018

The 3 Lesser-Known Surf Spots in the World

Many surf enthusiasts are familiar with the most popular surf spots in the world like Bondi Beach in Australia and Playa Grande in Costa Rica....
bali surf spots
  February 26th, 2018

Best Bali Surf Spots – Where To Surf In Bali

The Top Bali Surf Spots: Where to Surf in Bali It feels like every year I meet more surfers who are singing Bali's praises. Bali, Indonesia, is...
portugal surf spots
  February 20th, 2018

Best Portugal Surf Spots – Where To Surf In Portugal

Where to Surf in Portugal: The Top Portugal Surf Spots When it comes to surfing spots, most people don't think of Portugal first. The energetic...
how to teach kids to surf
  February 19th, 2018

How to Teach Kids to Surf

The Scoop on How to Teach Kids to Surf Surfing can be lots of fun for children and is a great way to keep them active -- if it remains safe and enjoyable. Endurance, confidence and agility are...
san diego surf spots
  February 5th, 2018

San Diego Surf Spots – Where to Surf In San Diego

The Top San Diego Surf Spots Many of our customers want to know where to surf in San Diego. San Diego is home to many great surfing spots, and...