A 3/2mm wetsuit (pronounced three-two) is a popular choice for surface sports like surfing, SUP, wakeboarding or windsports. A mens 3/2 wetsuit is great for your mid-season activity and offers protection in water temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The two thicknesses of the 3/2 full wetsuit (3mm torso and 2mm legs and arms) keep your core warm while still giving you the mobility you need for comfort and performance.

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3/2 Full Wetsuit

As water temperatures get colder, wetsuit construction becomes more important. A 3/2mm wetsuit is available with many features to help keep you comfortable. All wetsuits have seams, but the type of seam seal can impact how much water enters the suit. A budget-conscious 3/2 full wetsuit is available with flatlock seams, which may allow some water into your suit. You can also choose a 3/2mm wetsuit with sealed seams, also called GBS seams (glued and blindstitched). These narrow seams are glued on the interior and let very little water through.

Another option is a mens 3/2 wetsuit with sealed and taped seams. These are great for colder water temperatures; they are similar to sealed seams but they have taping on the interior or exterior seam to provide reinforcement. For the most warmth, look for a semi-dry 3/2mm wetsuit, which keeps the wearer semi-dry thanks to sealed and taped seams, poly-fleece panels, and gaskets to reduce water entry.

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Choosing a 3/2 Wetsuit from Wetsuit Wearhouse

Colder temperatures require the right equipment, and a 3/2 full wetsuit can help keep you safe and comfortable as the seasons change. You should consider where and how you'll use your mens 3/2 wetsuit and then select the wetsuit construction that's right for you.

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