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Triathlon Wetsuit - Rental

Triathlon Wetsuit - Rental

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Receiving Your Rental Suit & Rental Period

Please order your rental suit at least two weeks before your event. Three weeks before your event is ideal. This provides us enough time to select your size and allow for transit. After your event, the suit must be postmarked no later than five (5) days after the event date. Failure to return the suit in time may result in additional week charges detailed below.

Triathlon Wetsuit Rental Policies

-Please ensure that the suit is returned CLEAN and DRY. A wetsuit sent back wet and dirty ends up smelling really bad by the time it gets back here! Failure to return the suit clean and dry will result in a CLEANING FEE of $25.

-If the wetsuit is not returned in time, there will be an EXTRA WEEK FEE of $15 applied, and for every week thereafter until retail value of the suit is reached.

-Fingernail tears happen, we get it! We'll fix minor ones at no charge; but extreme tears from misuse or neglect may result in additional charges on a case-by-case basis.

-Rental suit may be used only for swimming purposes, as the material used for triathlon suits is too delicate for surfing, SCUBA, etc.

-If your order is placed using PayPal, we will need to contact you for credit card information prior to shipment. Due to the nature of rentals, a valid credit card will need to be on file to cover incidentals.


How do I know my suit will fit?

If you provide us with accurate height, weight, and chest/bust measurements, we are confident we can select the best suit to fit your body type and size. It is important these measurements are right, so get on a scale and have a friend or family member help measure your height and chest/bust (wear whatever you'll be wearing under the wetsuit when taking this measurement.)

What if my suit doesn't fit?

If your suit doesn't fit, give us a call or shoot us an email ASAP. We'll work with you to identify the problem and get the right size out to you in time. Contact us, or call (866) 906-7848.

What kind of suits do you send?

We send only quality triathlon specific wetsuits, like Neosport and Blue Seventy. These suits will give you the insulation, buoyancy, and reduction in drag you'll want for your big day in the water.

What will the condition of the suit I receive be?

The suit you receive will be in great, race-ready condition. We thoroughly clean all suits after each rental and repair any fingernail tear damage.

Do I need or why would I want a wetsuit for my triathlon?

If your event is wetsuit legal (most are when waters are 78 degrees or less), you should be wearing a wetsuit to reduce drag, improve swim position in the water (tri wetsuits have buoyancy), and of course, stay warm! Wetsuits should improve your comfort and time during your swim.

Do I need swim socks, wetsuit gloves, Body Glide, etc?

Depending on water temperature and your individual tolerance for cold water, you may want to consider additional add-ons. Wetsuit socks and gloves are necessary for most when water is less than 70 degrees. We strongly recommend having socks and gloves if your race day is calling for water temperatures less than 70. If you have sensitive skin, you should consider Body Glide. It is a skin lubricant to protect you from chafing, which wetsuits can sometimes cause. Also, since this may be your first experience with a triathlon wetsuit, Suit Juice provides easier entry into your wetsuit. Just spray it on the inside of the suit and slide it on much more easily!




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