Neoprene Types Explained

The type of neoprene used impacts flexibility, and there are 3 types of neoprene used in wetsuits. Standard Neoprene, Super Stretch Neoprene, and Super Stretch Water Repellant Neoprene. In order to offer wetsuits at different price levels, manufacturers use varying degrees of these neoprene types.

30% stretch wetsuit 30% equals the back, shoulders, and arms which is exactly where you need flexibility for paddling. The other 70% of the suit is made of Standard Neoprene.

60% stretch wetsuit60% extends down to the knees and covers all major flex points. These wetsuits are lighter and tend to fit better.

100% stretch wetsuits are ideal if they are within your price range. These wetsuits provide the ultimate combination of fit and flexibility while decreasing bulk.

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