Wetsuits By Sport Whether you need a wetsuit for cold water, a wetsuit for the pool, or a wetsuit for surfing, we offer a large variety of wetsuits for your next water sport adventure! Ever wonder how wetsuits work? Wetsuits work by trapping a small amount of water between the inside of the wetsuit and your body. Your body heats up the trapped water and becomes an insulating layer. Wetsuits work well for any water activity when you need insulation or abrasion/sun protection. Wetsuits, which are made of neoprene, provide complete sun protection, so you can rest assured that you'll stay safe outdoors when wearing your wetsuit. Here at Wetsuit Wearhouse, we offer wetsuits for any sport, including: surfing, SCUBA diving, wakeboarding & waterskiing, windsports, water aerobics, and even industrial wetsuit applications. Buy wetsuits online at Wetsuit Wearhouse and save some serious cash!

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Which wetsuit should you buy? The type of wetsuit you need depends on the water temperatures. Fullsuits and hooded fullsuits are great for water temperatures ranging from cool to very cold, while springsuits work great for warm water temperatures. Wetsuit tops and bottoms can be layered or worn alone and provide warmth in warm waters (high 60's low 70's) and UV/abrasion protection. Rash guards are also especially important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and board abrasion. We offer a large variety of styles of rash guards to fit any style demands! Looking to protect your feet, hands, or head? That's where our selection of boots, gloves, and hoods come in!
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