Body Glide Anti-Chafing & Anti-Friction Products

Whether you’re suiting up for surfing or getting ready for a triathlon, the first thing you should put on is Body Glide. Body Glide is a wetsuit-safe anti-chafing stick that protects your skin against the rubbing that can result in chafing, irritation, or raw skin. The balm applies easily and is never waxy or greasy. Body Glide products are vegan-approved and don’t contain petroleum or any mineral or vegetable oils. They are made from plant-based materials that are safe for the environment and won’t harm your wetsuit. Use Body Glide to prevent painful wetsuit chafing – apply it anywhere your suit has high contact with your skin, like at the neck, armpits, and groin.

Body Glide Anti-Chafing

Body Glide anti-chafing is great for all athletes, no matter the sport. It can be used on feet, thighs, neck and arms, or wherever you need it most. The anti-chafing stick makes Body Glide easy to apply, unlike messy creams or gels. The balm is sweat resistant and provides all-day protection for even the most active athlete. It’s safe to use with wetsuits and with all types of clothing and footwear. What’s more, you can feel good about using Body Glide Anti-Chafing & Anti-Friction Products, as they are allergen free, safe for children, and never tested on animals.

Body Glide Anti-chafing at Wetsuit Wearhouse

For maximum comfort, add Body Glide to your Wetsuit Wearhouse shopping cart and to your pre-sport preparation. Use the anti-chafing stick on any areas that are prone to wetsuit chafing. The balm’s anti-friction properties make putting on your wetsuit fast and easy. The anti-chafing protection lets you enjoy surfing, SUP, swimming, or any other water sport with all-day comfort!