LavaCore Hypoallergenic Wetsuits

LavaCore Hypoallergenic Wetsuits

If you're not able to wear typical wetsuits because of a neoprene allergy, the LavaCore line may be your solution. Made of heavy weight "poly fleece" material called Tri-Laminate Polytherm, there is finally a solution to stay warm in the water for those unable to wear neoprene. The material is fantastically stretchy, water resistant, and wind resistant. These items can also be worn under your regular wetsuit for an incredible base layer.

Lavacore Wetsuits

Lavacore wetsuits are ideal for anyone with a neoprene allergy. Made of unique Polytherm, these hypoallergenic wetsuits help you control your core temperature whether wet or dry, hot or cold. Wetsuit Wearhouse carries a line of men's and women's Lavacore neoprene allergy wetsuit jackets, shorts, socks, and vests that are designed to keep you flexible, insulated, and free from wind chill.

LavaCore wetsuits comes with a 1 year warranty.

To learn more about Lavacore wetsuits and how to shop for them, visit our Help & Advice section or speak to one of our experts at 866-906-SUIT (7848). With wetsuits for men, women, and children, you can rest assured Wetsuit Wearhouse has all the wetsuits you need to extend your season for as long as possible.