Men's 2-Piece 3mm SCUBA Diving Wetsuit Selection

In cool-water environments, the thickness and quality of your wetsuit’s insulation matters. A 2-piece 3mm SCUBA diving wetsuit from Wetsuit Wearhouse provides the thermal and physical protection you need to keep your body warm and protected from the elements in water temperatures ranging from 60 to 72 degrees. Shop today for sizes ranging from XS to 6XL.

Find the Perfect 2-Piece SCUBA Wetsuit with Our Wetsuit Thickness Guide

Wetsuit Wearhouse's Wetsuit Thickness Guide is designed by experts to help ensure the neoprene of your SCUBA wetsuit is the adequate thickness for the temperature of the water and the activity you’ll be engaged in. There is no real one-swimsuit-fits-all, so use this guide to help you find the perfect 2-piece SCUBA wetsuit to ensure you’re as comfortable and protected as you can be.

Men's SCUBA Wetsuits

Wetsuit Wearhouse offers a wide variety of men's SCUBA 3mm wetsuits from the top brands. All our men's 3mm wetsuits come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Visit our Help & Advice section or speak to one of our experts at 866-906-SUIT if you have questions or need assistance choosing a size.