Whether you're diving off the coast of Australia or a quarry in Virginia, your hands need to be protected at all times in the water. SCUBA diving gloves allow you to enjoy your watersports to the fullest because they help keep your hands safe and warm without compromising your ability to grip and grasp!

Collection: SCUBA Diving Gloves

Dive Gloves for All Sizes and Needs

SCUBA diving gloves are a crucial piece of diving gear designed to protect your hands and offer several benefits to divers. They serve as a barrier against abrasions, cuts, and potential contact with hazardous marine life, such as coral or stinging creatures. Dive gloves also help to maintain dexterity and grip, which is essential for handling equipment and maintaining buoyancy.

The choice of dive glove thickness depends on the water temperature. In warm waters (above 75°F or 24°C), thin 1-2mm gloves are suitable, providing protection without causing overheating. For temperate waters (65-75°F or 18-24°C), 3-5mm gloves offer the right balance of warmth and flexibility. In colder conditions (below 65°F or 18°C), thicker 5-7mm gloves are necessary to prevent hypothermia. Need additional warmth and coverage? Consider layering your dive gloves with SCUBA diving boots and/or a SCUBA diving hood to cover all of your extremities in cool to cold water temps.

SCUBA diving gloves are an important wetsuit accessory to ensure comfort, safety, and dexterity during dives across a range of water temperatures, making them an essential component of any diver's gear. To learn more about our diving gloves or for assistance choosing the right pair, visit our Help & Advice section or call us today at 866-906-SUIT (7848) to speak to one of our experts.