Meet Our Team

We're glad you're interested in our team! Wetsuit Wearhouse is located in Williamsport, MD. Our building sits only a couple stone throws from the Potomac River, a convenient place for us to test the wetsuits and have some fun! Chris Moleskie (a.k.a. Mole) is president and CEO. Mole's a lover of water sports, especially wakeboarding and diving. His favorite place on earth is the top secret (not so secret now) Wetsuit Wearhouse testing facility along the Potomac River. He's also got some really nice hair.

Our general manager, Dave, (a.k.a. Pappy) is an avid road cyclist. Most days at Wetsuit Wearhouse start with a fresh brewed coffee at Pappy's desk. For coffee enthusiasts, he uses a Chemex.

Mole and Pappy are the keepers of the kegerator here at Wetsuit Wearhouse. They ensure the keg is full, the lines clean, and the tap flowing!

Want to know who you talk to on the phones / email / live chat/retail? That's where our customer service gals Kim and Lindsay come in! Kim (a.k.a. JoJo) is a proud momma of three and loves spending time with the kids on the water and getting her groove on the dance floor with her friends. Lindsay (a.k.a. Fieds) is a Balitmore Ravens and Orioles fan, unleashes her inner farm girl on the weekends by milking cows, and is an avid equestrian. She digs surfing and kayaking any opportunity she gets.

Lauren (a.k.a. LoLo), our Merchandiser, keeps our shelves full and buys product for the shop. Lo surfed for the first time in Costa Rica during a yoga retreat, has a bit of an Instagram addiction, and is impatiently waiting for George R.R. Martin to release his next Game of Thrones novel. (She's going to be waiting a while.)

And the ladies that keep it all organized and make sure you receive your order(s) are Tabby (a.k.a. Connie) and Katie (a.k.a. KT). Tabby makes the best guacamole ever... for real. And she enjoys going out and dancing with her friends. KT loves her cat, is addicted to anime, and is quite proud of her piercings and tattoos.

We're a close knit family here at Wetsuit Wearhouse and we love helping you, our customer. We look forward to serving you. Thanks for reading!