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preparing for tough mudder

  January 16th, 2018

2017 World’s Toughest Mudder Gear Strategy

My 2017 Tough Mudder Gear I’ve been asked by quite a few people how I[…]

xcel dive

  December 21st, 2017

Behind the Scenes at XCEL Dive Wetsuits

We got to interview Robert Hyland, the National Sales Manager for XCEL Dive wetsuits in[…]

wetsuit socks

  December 21st, 2017

What are Wetsuit Socks All About?

Wetsuit socks. What are they? What do they do? And, why do you care? In[…]

  December 18th, 2017

What Is the Best Wetsuit for SCUBA Diving?

What Is the Best Wetsuit for SCUBA Diving? Not all wetsuits are created equal. The[…]

florida surf spots

  December 13th, 2017

Best Florida Surf Spots – Where To Surf In Florida

The Top 5 Best Surf Spots in Florida I’ve been outfitting surfers since 2002 —[…]

do wetsuits stretch

  December 13th, 2017

Do Wetsuits Stretch?

So, Do Wetsuits Stretch? Find Out! Want to know if wetsuits stretch? It’s a common[…]

does a wetsuit help in cold water

  December 5th, 2017

Does a Wetsuit Help in Cold Water?

Real Talk: Does a Wetsuit Help in Cold Water? Wetsuits are designed to use the[…]

vyrl wetsuit

  November 22nd, 2017

When Surfers Blind Taste Test Wetsuits

The New HyperFlex VYRL Wetsuit Line is Making an Impression When you think of HyperFlex[…]

thermoprene pro wetsuits

  November 22nd, 2017

Henderson Thermoprene Pro Wetsuits

The Latest Line from Henderson: Thermoprene Pro Wetsuits We had the opportunity to talk to[…]

who invented surfing

  November 22nd, 2017

Who Invented Surfing?

Time to Get Real: Who Invented Surfing? The question of who invented surfing has crossed[…]

matthew bryce

  November 21st, 2017

Stranded at Sea for 32 Hours: A Survival Story

Stranded at Sea with Nothing but a Wetsuit and Surfboard: The Story of Matthew Bryce[…]

purpose of a wetsuit

  November 21st, 2017

Your Top Wetsuit Questions Answered: Part VI

What Is the Purpose of a Wetsuit? Wetsuits are used for water sports and recreation[…]