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paddle boarding locations

  April 5th, 2019

Top 5 Stand Up Paddle Boarding Locations

Top 5 Stand Up Paddle Boarding Locations Whether you are an advanced paddler or newly acquainted, these SUP locations are some of the most diverse and beautiful on Earth. Traveling to far off...
best places to stand up paddle board

  April 2nd, 2019

Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board on the East Coast

Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board on the East Coast No matter what type of stand up paddling you prefer – flatwater and touring, ocean...
how long do wetsuits lasat

  March 21st, 2019

How Long Do Wetsuits Last?

How Long Should a Wetsuit Last? Maybe you just bought a wetsuit or are debating on buying one and want to know, how long do wetsuits last? Just like the tide, wetsuits come and go. They can...
night surfing

  March 20th, 2019

Night Surfing

A Quick Guide to Night Surfing Surfing at night can seem a bit intimidating. And for good reason. When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, paddling out into even the smallest of waves produces a nervous excitement. The mystery of what...
best places to kayak

  March 19th, 2019

Best Places To Kayak in the U.S.

The Top Five Best Places to Kayak in the U.S. From gliding through peaceful waters at your own pace to recklessly luging through white-water rapids, kayaking is one of the most versatile...
do wetsuits make you float

  March 19th, 2019

Do Wetsuits Make You Float?

To Buoy or Not To Buoy: Do Wetsuits Make You Float? Maybe you’re a surfer, scoping out some January barrels to shred. Or a triathlete, with a long, daunting, open-water swim ahead of you....
can you swim in a wetsuit

  March 19th, 2019

Can You Swim in a Wetsuit?

Can You Swim in a Wetsuit? Do you ever wonder if can you swim in a wetsuit? Well, the easy answer is, yes, of course you can. But, it might not be as simple as getting just any wetsuit. Picking...
how to train for a triathlon

  March 11th, 2019

How to Train for a Triathlon

How To Train For A Triathlon: Your Triathlon Training Plan For many, hearing the word triathlon brings to mind images of the iconic, Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. The 2.6-mile...
what to wear stand up paddle boarding

  March 4th, 2019

What to Wear Stand Up Paddle Boarding

What to Wear for SUP - Your Four-Season Guide One of the best things about paddle boarding is its accessibility. With the right equipment and attire, you can take your paddling adventures...
types of triathlons

  February 28th, 2019

What Are the Types of Triathlons?

Types of Triathlons Athletes of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds share a common characteristic: they are always looking for their next challenge.  This search for something new has led many...
adaptive surfing

  February 28th, 2019

What is Adaptive Surfing?

What is Adaptive Surfing? Adaptive Surfing can be simply defined as overcoming a physical disability to enjoy riding ocean waves toward the shore on a surfboard. But to the global community of...
peeing in your wetsuit

  February 28th, 2019

Why Peeing in Your Wetsuit Is Ok

Let's be honest here, everyone at some point in their lives has peed in a pool and/or peed in the ocean. Gross, but true. Nature calls sometimes and does not discriminate no matter where you are...