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who invented the wetsuit

  August 16th, 2017

Who Invented the Wetsuit?

So famous was Jack O’Neill and his brand of O’Neill wetsuits — and so early[…]

health benefits of water aerobics

  August 16th, 2017

The Health Benefits of Water Aerobics

Whether I take my water aerobics class at the local pool or head to a[…]

jack o'neill

  August 8th, 2017

Wetsuit & Surfing Pioneer Jack O’Neill Passes Away at 94

Jack O’Neill Tribute Jack O’Neill: surfer, entrepreneur, and beloved friend and family member, passed away[…]

wetsuit buyers guide

  August 4th, 2017

2017 Summer Wetsuit Buyers Guide

Fall may be on the horizon, but it’s still summer which means we’ve got a[…]

costa rica surf spot

  July 20th, 2017

Costa Rica Surf Spots You Can’t Miss Out On

The Best Costa Rica Surf Spots Costa Rica means ‘rich coast,’ and its delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife[…]

what to wear under a wetsuit

  July 14th, 2017

What to Wear Under a Wetsuit

What to Wear Under a Wetsuit Many first timers ask “What do you wear under[…]

what's the difference between a wetsuit and drysuit

  July 14th, 2017

What’s the Difference Between a Wetsuit and Drysuit?

We get asked what’s the difference between a wetsuit and drysuit a lot so we[…]

kids wetsuits for swimming

  July 14th, 2017

Kids Wetsuits for Swimming Lessons

Is Your Kid Freezing at Swim Lessons? Affordable Kids Wetsuits for Swimming Save the Day![…]

  July 14th, 2017

Cold Weather Kayaking: What to Wear

Crashing against rocks, failing to wet exit, even bears and sharks might be the first[…]

how much does a wetsuit cost

  July 14th, 2017

How Much Does a Wetsuit Cost?

Breaking it Down: How Much Does a Wetsuit Cost? If you’ve spent any significant amount[…]

what is a rash guard

  June 30th, 2017

FAQ: What is a Rash Guard?

What is a Rash Guard? The Perfect Extra Layer of Sun Protection Maybe you’ve seen[…]

july 4th coupon

  June 26th, 2017

July 4th Coupon Code 2017

Save $$ with a Wetsuit Wearhouse July 4th Coupon BBQ. Fireworks. Time with friends and[…]