The technology and design of today's wetsuits play an important role in the life of everyone who spends time in the water. They provide warmth, comfort and protection, extending the seasons for all our aquatic activities. The original zip-on wetsuits made in the USA, were born from necessity to outfit the United States Navy and Coast Guard dive teams and helped garner in the sport of surfing to cool climate coasts in the 1950's and 60's.

Collection: Made in USA Wetsuits

Wetsuit Wearhouse is committed to sourcing the very best wetsuits made in the USA. Handcrafted wetsuits offer the perfect layer of protection from cooler water temperatures and provide added confidence in quality, performance and durability. Extend the season for your favorite watersports with wetsuits for surfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, kayaking and swimming, triathlon and SCUBA.

The Henderson Talon Wetsuit Made in the USA

Wetsuit Wearhouse is proud to feature the latest product from Henderson, a longtime wetsuit supplier to United States Special Forces and Armed Services for operations and training. The Talon wetsuit is made in their USA factory, using the exact specifications and materials from their Special-Ops and Search and Rescue line of wetsuits.

The opportunity to own the military grade Talon is now available to the public by special order from Wetsuit Wearhouse. Talon wetsuits are handcrafted, one at a time, specifically for each owner. Every suit bears a unique registration number and hand signed certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the wetsuit was made in the USA to Henderson’s exacting standards.

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With these strong roots in tradition, innovative materials and unsurpassed levels of craftsmanship, there is a rising demand for American made wetsuits. At Wetsuit Wearhouse, our goal is offer our customers, the highest quality selection of U.S. wetsuits. Along with confidence in the performance and longevity of wetsuits made in the USA, consumers understand that buying domestic products supports a strong economy. Also, environmental regulations in the U.S. hold manufacturers to higher standards than developing countries, which protect the air, land and of course, the water.

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