If you refuse to let falling water temperatures keep you from the sport you love, then a hooded wetsuit is the wetsuit choice for you. When the water temps drop, a hooded wetsuit becomes your indispensable ally, providing superior protection against water temperatures from 35 degrees Fahrenheit and up. Tailored for the hardcore athlete, these specialized suits ensure that you can continue to enjoy your favorite surface watersports, such as surfing, paddling, or recreational swimming, without compromising on comfort or performance. Don't let the cold waters dictate your water adventure – opt for a men's hooded wetsuit today.

Collection: Men's Hooded Fullsuits

Hooded Fullsuit Wetsuits for Men

Discover the evolution of the hooded wetsuit – a perfect blend of warmth, flexibility, and innovation. Say goodbye to bulky and stiff designs as cutting-edge superstretch neoprene technology takes center stage, ensuring your winter wetsuit remains remarkably flexible. Whether you're surfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, or engaging in other surface watersports, experience unparalleled mobility that adapts to your body's movements when you wear a men’s hooded fullsuit wetsuit.

Hooded wetsuits stand apart from regular fullsuits by featuring an integrated hood, providing additional head and neck coverage for enhanced warmth, especially in colder water conditions. This distinctive design offers comprehensive protection, making hooded wetsuits the preferred choice for those seeking maximum insulation and comfort in more challenging water temps and environments.

For frigid waters at 35 degrees F and above, a hooded wetsuit becomes your go-to choice for optimal warmth and safety. Look for leak-proof seams, available in sealed (GBS) or glued and blind stitched variations, virtually eliminating water penetration. Enhance your comfort with a men's hooded wetsuit featuring poly fleece fiber lining, designed to wick moisture away, and anti-flush gaskets that further reduce cold water entry. And for complete protection in colder climates, don't forget essential accessories like wetsuit boots and wetsuit gloves.

Discover the ideal winter wetsuit that suits your needs, ensuring a thrilling and comfortable adventure in any weather condition today. Confused about what to buy? Check out our Help & Advice section or call (866)-906-7848 to speak to one of our experts and get all your questions answered.