If you refuse to let falling water temperatures keep you from the sport you love, then a hooded wetsuit is right for you. Winter wetsuits offer protection in water temperatures from 35 degrees and up, so they’re for the hardcore athlete enjoying surface water sports in cold climates. In these brutal waters, your life may depend on a high-performance hooded full wetsuit. Cold weather accessories like boots and gloves are essential for protection and maximum comfort. With a mens hooded wetsuit, you can brave the cold waters and go right on surfing, paddling, or swimming recreationally.

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Winter Wetsuits for Men

Today's hooded wetsuit is not bulky and stiff, in spite of the thickness. Thanks to new superstretch neoprene technology, a hooded full wetsuit is now incredibly flexible, molding to your body and giving you the mobility you need while surfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, or enjoying other surface water sports. Look for leak-proof seams that are either sealed, also known as GBS, or, glued and blindstitched, or sealed and taped, which virtually eliminate water penetration. You can also select a mens hooded wetsuit with poly fleece fiber lining to wick moisture away from the body, and anti-flush gaskets to further reduce cold water entry.

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Winter Wetsuits from Wetsuit Wearhouse

At Wetsuit Wearhouse, we’ll help you find the right winter wetsuit, whatever the water temperature. In frigid waters of 35 degrees and higher, a hooded wetsuit is your best choice for warmth and safety. If you're looking to stay warm without breaking the bank, we have a number of excellent full wetsuits that won’t break the bank. Dedicated cold-water athletes may want to invest in a mid- to high-end hooded fullsuit that offers technical features to enhance performance, comfort, and safety in cold water.

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