Pool closed? Triathlon wetsuits are the ONLY wetsuits made for chafe-free lap and open water swimming!

If you have a triathlon coming up and you need a new wetsuit, Wetsuit Wearhouse has you covered. We have a large selection of top-brand men's triathlon wetsuits to choose from, including suits from blueseventy and NeoSport. And, your options aren't limited to just one type or style of men's triathlon suits. We carry everything from long johns and short johns to full suits and triathlon shorts. Read all about triathlon wetsuits in our blog.

Shop for Men's Triathlon Wetsuits and More

If this is your first triathlon, then you might be surprised at how much gear you're going to need in order to compete. You not only need a high quality wetsuit, you'll also need swim goggles, a skull cap, swim socks, and webbed gloves. Each plays an important role in helping you to stay warm while enhancing your ability to glide through the water. You'll also want to make sure you have some anti-chafing products! Luckily, Wetsuit Wearhouse has everything you need to prepare, compete, and win.

It's important to recognize that men's triathlon wetsuits differ greatly from standard wetsuits. Triathlon suits feature a special "Glideskin" neoprene coating to help increase your speed and performance in the water by reducing your resistance. Triathlon wetsuits also increase your buoyancy and hydrodynamics with strategically placed neoprene panels. When you shop at Wetsuit Wearhouse, you can be sure that all of our triathlon wetsuits for men feature the most advanced technology.

To learn more about our men's triathlon suits or for assistance selecting the right size, visit our Help & Advice section or speak to one of our experts at 866-906-SUIT (7848). Shop Wetsuit Wearhouse for the best prices and widest selection of men's triathlon wetsuits.