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Commercial wetsuits provide the ultimate warmth and protection in colder waters. For industrial professionals, prospectors, and anyone working in the water for prolonged periods, rugged wetsuits help to retain body heat and keep you safe. These wetsuits come in a wide range of styles and thicknesses to keep you comfortable regardless of the conditions. Many commercial wetsuits have extra features like fleece lining, sealed seams, and reinforced knee pads. Look for John-style wetsuits and jacket combinations to get double the warmth and protection.

Collection: Commercial & Industrial Wetsuits

Commercial Wetsuits

Fit and construction are critically important factors in any wetsuit, so look for a suit that fits you well. Most commercial or heavy-duty wetsuits are made with double secured glued, stitched, and taped seams that help to prevent water from getting into the suit. For maximum warmth and protection, pair your rugged wetsuit with accessories like a wetsuit hood, gloves, and boots. These essentials will keep your extremities warm and provide you with additional insulation.

Buying Commercial Wetsuits

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