When water temperatures fall, you can keep enjoying your sport - if you've got the right gear. A high-quality 5mm wetsuit will protect you in water temperatures between 45 and 55 degrees. There are several options when selecting a mens 5mm wetsuit: the 5/4/3mm wetsuit provides three thicknesses in one suit (5mm core, 4mm legs and 3mm arms) so you get core warmth without sacrificing mobility. You can also consider a 5/4mm wetsuit or a 5/3mm wetsuit. All of these options can be used for surfing, wakeboarding, paddling, or enjoying your sport of choice in colder waters.

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Cold Water Wetsuits

You might think that a thicker cold water wetsuit would be bulky or stiff, but that's not true. New neoprene technologies mean that today's 5mm full wetsuit is extremely flexible, thanks to innovations like superstretch neoprene. Our cold water wetsuits conform to your body and allow you to move easily in the water. For activities in colder water, a stretchy wetsuit is a good option. Minimizing the water in your wetsuit is also essential, so look for a 5mm wetsuit with either sealed (also known as GBS – or, glued and blindstitched) or sealed and taped seams. We also offer 5/4mm wetsuits with features to keep you semi-dry in cold waters, like poly fleece fiber linings to wick moisture away from the body, and anti-flush gaskets to reduce cold water entry. Worn with boots, gloves, and hoods, a semi-dry 5mm full wetsuit will help to keep you safe and comfortable.

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Choosing a Cold Water Wetsuit

Wetsuit Wearhouse has one of the industry’s largest selections of cold water wetsuits, including 5/4/3mm wetsuits and some thicker models. With many of our wetsuits priced under $200, you get a great combination of selection and price. Confused about what to buy? Visit our Help & Advice section or call (866)-906-7848 to speak to one of our experts and get all your questions answered. With a cold water wetsuit from Wetsuit Wearhouse, you’ll stay comfortable, safe, and warm in cold waters.

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