Whether you're a long-time participant or you're challenging yourself by entering your first triathlon, a women's triathlon wetsuit will make a difference in your performance. Women's triathlon wetsuits offer a vital edge in competitions by optimizing performance and comfort as they are designed to enhance buoyancy, reduce drag, and improve swimming speeds. The delicate but flexible neoprene construction enhances mobility, enabling efficient stroke mechanics while the tailored fit reduces water entry, maintaining warmth for extended swims.

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Perform Better with a Triathlon Wetsuit for Women

By providing buoyancy, flexibility, warmth, and transition efficiency, women's triathlon wetsuits prove indispensable in unlocking peak performance and ensuring a competitive advantage for female triathletes. A triathlon wetsuit features a streamlined design and allows for natural movement during the swim leg, while its quick removal facilitates efficient transitions between stages. Women's triathlon wetsuits are specially designed to provide superior comfort, greater hydrodynamics, and increased buoyancy and they feature a special "Glideskin" neoprene coating that significantly reduces your resistance in the water so you can swim easier and faster.

While any wetsuit helps keep you warm in the water, the innovative neoprene used in triathlon wetsuits is designed to allow a thin layer of water to come between your skin and your suit. This thin layer of water improves the suit's insulation, thus allowing you to stay warmer and more comfortable while you're swimming. If the water will be cold, opt for a full length triathlon wetsuit for full body protection. But if the event will be held in warmer water temps, consider wearing a short jane or long jane, which gives your arms and upper body optimal flexibility.

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