Water aerobics

A water aerobics wetsuit is designed for individuals participating in water aerobics or aquatic fitness activities. Unlike traditional wetsuits used for surfing or waterskiing, a wetsuit for water aerobics is typically thinner and more lightweight, which provides you with the perfect amount of buoyancy and support for water-based exercises. Check out our wide selection of water aerobics wetsuits, they come in a variety of thicknesses, styles, and sizes!

Collection: Water Aerobics Wetsuits


Our selection of wetsuits for water aerobics includes wetsuit tops and bottoms, fullsuits, and springsuits that are all specifically designed to keep you warm in the pool without sacrificing your range of motion. A water aerobics wetsuit offers a variety of benefits including buoyancy and support, which helps you stay afloat and maintain better body position during exercises, especially if you are new to swimming or water-based workouts. Along with buoyancy, a wetsuit for water aerobics also offers thermal insulation and warmth, unrestricted movement and flexibility, and protection from chemicals or rough pool surfaces.

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