Whether you're participating in an Ironman triathlon or a local sprint triathlon, you are going need a wetsuit that's specifically designed to help get you through this grueling event. That's where blueseventy wetsuits come in. Blueseventy triathlon wetsuits are the world's leader when it comes to durable and comfortable swim suits that are designed from the ground-up to stand up against all of the rigorous demands of an Ironman triathlon.

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Blueseventy wetsuits were once sold under the brand name Ironman, and they were known for their high-quality design and construction. And though the name has changed, the commitment to performance and quality has not. Blueseventy wetsuits still deliver triathlon suits built to maximize speed in the water. Their tri suit design features central buoyancy panels for extra flotation. The superstretch Japanese neoprene helps you maintain full range of motion, and the smoothskin exterior reduces drag. Blueseventy wetsuits has four styles of tri suits, ranging from the Sprint for entry-level competitors to the record-setting Helix for professional triathletes. No matter your experience level, there's a Blueseventy tri suit for you!


Blueseventy wetsuits are considered by triathlon competitors as the best the industry has to offer, and Wetsuit Wearhouse has them for less. If you have questions about which Blueseventy triathlon wetsuit is right for you, visit our Help & Advice section or call 866-906-SUIT to speak to one of our experts. They'll help you learn more about triathlon wetsuits and how to shop for them. With a range of Blueseventy triathlon wetsuits and accessories, Wetsuit Wearhouse will help you get ready for race day!