A long john wetsuit gives you a great combination of protection and flexibility. Best suited for use in water temperatures between 62-68 degrees, a long john suit has full legs and a sleeveless top. The legs provide extra warmth and protection against abrasion, but since the suit doesn't cover your shoulders, you keep a full range of upper body motion. A men's long john wetsuit is great for activities like swimming, kayaking, triathlon, and water aerobics.

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Long John Wetsuit

The long john wetsuit is a versatile piece of gear. It can be worn alone for activities that require full upper body mobility, like swimming. When the water temperatures turn cooler, or if you just want more coverage, you can layer a long john wetsuit with a wetsuit jacket. Pairing the wetsuit with a jacket lets you change quickly and easily from sleeveless to long sleeve coverage, depending on the water conditions.

Buying a Men's Long John Wetsuit

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