A women's hooded wetsuit is a full wetsuit that includes an attached hood. Women wear these suits for cold watersports such as surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and more to provide maximum warmth and protection. Hooded wetsuits are suitable for water temperatures below 58°F (14°C), as they keep the entire body, including the head, insulated and shielded from the elements.

Collection: Women's Hooded Wetsuits

Hooded Wetsuits for Women

Women's hooded wetsuits are essential for a wide range of cold-watersports, providing optimal comfort and functionality. Crafted from the most flexible and durable materials available, these wetsuits offer unrivaled mobility without compromising on comfort. Many styles feature innovative elements such as quick-drying thermal-lined chest and/or back panels for enhanced insulation and meticulously taped seams to prevent water infiltration. Designed with the female athlete in mind, these wetsuits boast contoured panels that ensure an ideal fit and maximum flexibility for water temperatures that are 45 degrees F and up.

When embarking on winter water adventures, a women's hooded wetsuit is your ultimate companion, offering both warmth and performance. Its hooded design provides comprehensive protection, making it perfect for tackling colder waters while guaranteeing you stay comfortable and ready to excel in your chosen watersport. If you need additional coverage for your extremities, wetsuit boots and neoprene gloves come in handy for continued protection and warmth.

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