Ensure your child's comfort and warmth in water temperatures of 48 degrees F and higher by putting them in a kid's 5mm wetsuit. Whether your young one enjoys surfing, wakeboarding, swimming, or all of these activities, a kid’s or a junior 5mm wetsuit will keep them cozy and flexible. Keep your child protected and snug with our range of 5mm and up full wetsuits designed for various watersports!

Collection: Kids' 5mm & Up Wetsuits

Kids’ & Junior 5mm Wetsuits

Explore our range of kid’s 5mm and up wetsuits, tailored to provide optimal comfort and safety for young watersports enthusiasts. A kids 5mm wetsuit and junior 5mm wetsuit is designed to offer maximum insulation, making them an excellent choice for cold water activities. The thickness options start at 5mm, ensuring your child remains snug and warm in chilly or cold water environments. Our selection of kid’s 5mm and up wetsuits not only keeps your young ones comfortable and protected but also enhances their enjoyment during water-based adventures.

These thicker wetsuits are particularly well-suited for activities like surfing, paddleboarding, and diving in cooler temperatures, as they effectively shield against the cold, allowing children to extend their time in the water while ensuring their well-being. Some of our options also include hooded full wetsuits for additional coverage and protection. To add even more protection, consider incorporating kid’s wetsuit boots or kid’s wetsuit gloves into their watersports gear.

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