Designed for warmth, comfort and performance, men's wetsuit vests are perfect for a wide range of water activities. They reduce heat loss from the body's core, while providing unrestricted movement of the arms. Innovative materials provide excellent warmth and flexible fabrics and front zip options make men’s wetsuit vests easier to put on and take off.

Collection: Men's Wetsuit Vests

Neoprene wetsuit vests are the utility workhorse of wetsuits. Because of the focused body coverage they prevent overheating and allow the arms to cool when active. Lifeguards, surfers, wakeboarders, water-skiers and swim instructors keep a men's wetsuit vest handy to pull on to stay warm in the water and prevent chafing. Front zip vests offer easy entry and exit, but also provide critical core insulation for keeping warm during indoor and outdoor pool rehabilitation sessions, aqua physical therapy and water aerobics classes.

Even in tropical, 80 degree water, a 1mm neoprene wetsuit vest is the perfect layer of protection against the trade winds when snorkeling, waiting for waves or exploring on a paddle board. A 2mm vest is a good choice for water temps above 70 degrees.

Men's Neoprene Vests in Action

It doesn't take long to notice that men’s wetsuit vests are worn everywhere that water activities are enjoyed. Surfing and swim instructors rely on vests during hours spent in the surf and in the pool. Wakeboarders, water-skiers and jet skiers utilize them to stay warm against the wind while wet. And even on the warmest of days, surfers instinctively reach for their men's wetsuit vests for protection from the sun and chafing from the surfboard. It only takes a slight bit of wind on your skin when you are wet to drop your body temperature. And the men's wetsuit vest is a smart decision to extend your day in the water.

Men's Wetsuit Vests at Wetsuit Wearhouse

For everything from water aerobics to surfing, Wetsuit Wearhouse has men's wetsuit vests that provide an added lightweight layer of thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and UV protection with maximum durability. Our large selection includes vests by O'Neill, NeoSport, Henderson, XCEL, Billabong and Patagonia. Live Chat with one of our wetsuit experts to learn more about which men's neoprene vest is best for you. While you can also visit our Help & Advice section or give us a call at 866-906-SUIT. In addition, enjoy Free Shipping and assistance with any warranty issues. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff loves to talk about our wetsuits!