A kiteboarding wetsuit or windsurfing wetsuit will make your time on the water more comfortable and more fun. Wetsuits are generally recommended when water temperatures drop below 65 degrees. A windsurfing wetsuit will keep you insulated, warm, and protected while you enjoy your favorite wind sport. Wetsuits also shield you from harmful UV rays so you don't need to worry about sunburn.

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Choosing a Kite or Windsurfing Wetsuit

Wetsuit Wearhouse will help you find the right windsurfing wetsuit for your needs. Choose from a shorty wetsuit or a full wetsuit in a range of thicknesses to match the expected water conditions. If you’re a warm water kiteboarder, consider wearing a kitesurfing wetsuit top paired with neoprene shorts or wetsuit pants. For those who like colder waters, a 3/2mm or a 4/3mm is a great choice, giving you core warmth without sacrificing mobility. Add accessories like hoods, boots, and gloves for the maximum amount of insulation and protection.

Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Wetsuits at Wetsuit Wearhouse

If you're having trouble selecting the right windsurfing wetsuit for you, please visit our Help & Advice section or call our team of experts at (866)-906-7848. They'll walk you through the buying process and ensure that you get the best kitesurfing or surfing wetsuit.