Nothing can ruin a great day in the water like your child developing a rash. Rashes are likely to happen if your kids' skin is not protected! After all, the beach is made up of sand and salt water, and unprotected skin sliding across a surf board can cause irritation. Avoid this problem with kids' rash guards, which can serve as your child's first line of defense against board rash and abrasions. They also provide important UV protection.

Collection: Kids' Rash Guards

Youth Rash Guards

Youth rash guards provide a protective layer against skin irritants and also help avoid sunburn, with many featuring a UPF rating of 30-50+. They are available in a variety of styles, including short sleeve, long sleeve, and even hoodies. The regular cut is close-fitting and best for active days in the water. A looser t-shirt style rash guard can be worn on or off the beach, whenever you want comfort and UV protection.

Keep in mind that Lycra rash guards are not a substitute for a wetsuit. Junior's rash guards don't provide any thermal insulation. They are designed for use in warm water conditions, where the protection of a full wetsuit isn't needed. They are thin enough to be worn under a wetsuit for greater comfort and additional protection. Worn alone, children's rash guards do still guard against harmful UV rays, and they are quick-drying, making them great for everyday wear.

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