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If you want to maximize your comfort on your next snorkeling adventure, consider a snorkeling wetsuit. While a snorkel suit isn't always required, it's a great choice in water temperatures below 75 degrees. You can choose from a variety of wetsuits for snorkeling, they are available in full and shorty style. Full suits provide more coverage and protect against cold, abrasions, and painful jellyfish stings. Shorty style suits are easier to get on and off but offer less protection against sun and abrasions.

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Snorkel Suit

If the water is going to be warmer than 75 degrees, there are still gear options that will keep you comfortable and protected. A rash guard is a great alternative to a wetsuit on warmer days. Rash guards shield you from harmful UV rays and protect you from rash or abrasions. Other separates, like wetsuit tops or shorts, are available to help you customize your snorkeling gear for your needs and the expected water conditions.

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Wetsuit Wearhouse specializes in snorkeling wetsuits and accessories for every water temperature. If you're having trouble finding the right snorkel suit for your next adventure, visit our Help & Advice page, or call (866)-906-7848 to speak to one of our wetsuit experts.