Kids' fullsuits, in sizes from toddler to junior, offer warmth and protection in water temperatures of 45 degrees and higher. Kids' full body wetsuits are available in a range of thicknesses, so you can select the right suit for the expected water condition. These wetsuits are great for any activity, including surfing, diving, wakeboarding, or just playing around in the water. Kids wetsuits are not just for ocean sports - they also keep kids warm and comfortable for swimming lessons at the pool.

Collection: Kids' Fullsuits

In addition to keeping children warm, kid's full body wetsuits provide SPF protection from the sun and dangerous UV rays. A kid's full wetsuit protects against sunburn, jellyfish stings and minor abrasions from underwater hazards or rough water conditions. Kid's fullsuits let children enjoy their water activities, and allow parents to be confident about their child's safety. Make sure your child’s play time is fun and worry-free!

Kids' Full Wetsuit

As a general rule, 1mm and 2mm wetsuits are good for 70 degrees and up; 3/2mm for 60 degrees and up; 4/3mm for 52 degrees and up; and 5/4/3mm for 45 degrees and up. Kids full wetsuits rated for colder water temperatures offer two or three thicknesses of neoprene in one suit. The torso is made with thicker material to provide core warmth, while arms and legs have a slightly thinner neoprene to maintain range of motion.

Kids' Full Body Wetsuit

Choosing the right wetsuit for your child will depend on both the activity and the expected water conditions. If you need help selecting the best option and the best fit for your child, visit our Help & Advice section or call 866-906-SUIT (7848) to speak to one of our experts.