A short john wetsuit can be worn for any water sport that requires a full range of upper body mobility. A short john has a sleeveless top and legs that end mid-thigh. It's a great choice for triathlon, kayaking, swimming, and water aerobics. Because the mens short john wetsuit offers minimal coverage and insulation, it's best for activities in water temperatures of 68 degrees or higher.

Collection: Men's Short John Wetsuits

Why Choose a Short John

A short john wetsuit is constructed with the same high-quality materials and features as a full suit. For warmer days when you don't need a full suit, the short john offers some core warmth without inhibiting your range of motion. A mens short john wetsuit is a great option for a triathlon. The sleeveless cut of the wetsuit gives you full mobility for swimming. What's more, it's fast and easy to remove a short john, so your transition time will be quick.

Buying a Men's Short John Wetsuit

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