Women's wetsuit shorts give active women more versatility in their water sports gear. Neoprene wetsuit shorts can be paired with a swim top or rash guard, or worn with a neoprene wetsuit vest or jacket to ensure the right level of warmth and protection for any activity. Women's neoprene shorts are ideal for windsurfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and recreational swimming.

Collection: Women's Wetsuit Shorts

If you enjoy kayaking or paddling, padded neoprene shorts will provide you with all-day comfort. These shorts aren't just for ocean sports you can also wear them for activities like obstacle course races or water aerobics. When paired with a wetsuit vest or top, women's neoprene shorts give you coverage and comfort while maintaining flexibility and range of motion.

Neoprene Wetsuit Shorts

Women's neoprene wetsuit shorts are made from a durable but lightweight material and are easy to put on or take off, allowing you to change your gear throughout the day based on your comfort. They are a versatile addition to any active woman's gear. So whether you're surfing, paddling, participating in water aerobics or competing in Tough Mudder OCRs, wetsuit shorts are the perfect layering piece. Need help finding the perfect pair of women's wetsuit shorts? Visit our Help & Advice section or call (866)-906-7848 .