What do you get when you combine sustainable materials with a commitment to providing performance-driven features? A Vissla wetsuit! We're stoked to add Vissla Wetsuits to our selection of watersports fullsuits and separates. Vissla wetsuits offer innovative technology like Thermal Brain Fuzz lining and Neo 2.0 seam taping, both of which help ensure warmth and comfort in the water. A Vissla wetsuit doesn't just guarantee performance, it's also eco-friendly. All of their wetsuits and separates, like a Vissla wetsuit top or jacket, are made from limestone-based neoprene, scrap rubber tires, dope-dyed yarns, and water-based glue. The result is a reliable, everyday wetsuit that's also environmentally friendly.

Collection: Vissla Wetsuits

Vissla Wetsuits

Our selection of wetsuits, separates, and accessories from Vissla Wetsuits are designed for the everyday surfer who wants performance and comfort in an earth-friendly package. Vissla wetsuits are available in a range of styles and neoprene thicknesses to meet your needs. From a 3/2mm fullsuit to a 6/5mm hooded wetsuit, Vissla gear will keep you safe and warm, no matter the water temperatures. Add accessories, like the Vissla wetsuit jacket, boots, or gloves, to ensure you're fully protected in colder waters.

Vissla Wetsuits Warranty

Wetsuit Wearhouse is thrilled to now offer Vissla wetsuits online. Shop our selection of fullsuits and separates, including Vissla wetsuit jackets. If you need help deciding which Vissla wetsuit is right for you, visit our Help & Advice page, or call 866.906.7848 to speak to one of our experts. They’ll help you select the right Vissla wetsuit for your needs.

Even the most cautious surfers can damage their wetsuit through wear and tear, which is why Vissla Wetsuits offers a one year warranty (from original purchase date) on all seams and neoprene. Their quick turnaround will get your suit patched up fast and get you back in the water. If your Vissla wetsuit has been damaged, contact the customer service team at Wetsuit Wearhouse and we will help you get your suit ready for your next adventure!