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Looking for wakeboarding wetsuits or waterskiing wetsuits? Look no further! Our selection of thicknesses, styles, sizes, and brands will provide you with the right wetsuit for your wakeboarding or waterskiing needs!

Collection: Wake & Ski Wetsuits

Wakeboarding Wetsuits

Wakeboarding wetsuits are specially designed suits worn by wakeboarders to provide insulation, protection, and flexibility while engaging in the sport. These wetsuits are specifically tailored for wakeboarding and offer a combination of warmth and freedom of movement while protecting you from cold water temps, abrasions, and impacts. They are designed to enhance performance and ensure an awesome wakeboarding experience in a variety of conditions thanks to their stitching, knee protection, and neoprene thickness. Wakeboarding in 50 to 70 degree F water ranges? A full wetsuit that’s 3/2mm or 4/3mm thick will do the trick!

Waterskiing Wetsuits

The primary purpose of a waterskiing wetsuit is to keep the skier warm by trapping a thin layer of water between the body and the wetsuit. This layer is then warmed by body heat and acts as an insulator, preventing excessive heat loss. The neoprene material also helps to block cold water from entering the wetsuit, further enhancing its thermal properties and allowing you to water ski for longer periods of time in the water! Whether you need a full wetsuit for cool to cold water protection or a shorty wetsuit for warmer water temps, we’ve got you covered!

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