Men's SCUBA wetsuits offer warmth and protection in water temps ranging from cold to tropical, depending on thickness and style. For water temperatures 80+ degrees and up, go for a 1mm or 2mm diving wetsuit. A 3mm diving wetsuit is good for 70F+ degrees and up, and a 5mm diving suit is meant for 60 degrees and up. Looking for a cold water diving wetsuit? Two piece combo diving wetsuits are great for water in the high 50's and up, while 7mm hooded suits are great for around 50 degree water. You're bound to find the diving wetsuit you're looking for!

Collection: Men's SCUBA Diving Wetsuits

SCUBA Diving Wetsuits For Men

We offer a large variety of SCUBA diving wetsuits for men including discount SCUBA wetsuits. With brand names like Body Glove, BARE, Pinnacle, and O'Neill, you’re sure to find the SCUBA wetsuit that’s right for you.

SCUBA diving wetsuits are perfect for all cold water activities, providing you with ultimate warmth. It's especially important to have a SCUBA diving wetsuit that's durable, comfortable and keeps you warm. The innovative Neoprene allows a thin layer of water to come between your skin and your suit which reduces heat loss and provides insulation, making your dive as warm and as comfortable as possible.

SCUBA Wetsuit Accessories

In addition to your SCUBA wetsuit you may want to consider SCUBA accessories such as boots, hoods and gloves, especially for cold water diving. Boots can make your fins more comfortable while keeping your feet warm. Gloves provide you with added warmth as well as protect you from abrasions. Hoods are extremely important for cold water diving because much of your body heat escapes from your head. SCUBA hoods help insulate your head and provide you with the warmth you need to get the most of your SCUBA wetsuit and diving experience.

Wetsuit Wearhouse offers a wide variety of SCUBA wetsuits in addition to surfing and triathlon wetsuits. All of our SCUBA diving wetsuits come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. Visit our Wetsuit F.A.Q. or speak to one of our experts at 866-906-SUIT to learn more about SCUBA diving wetsuits and how to shop for them. With our wide variety of SCUBA wetsuits, you can rest assured Wetsuit Wearhouse has all the men's wetsuits you need to extend your season for as long as possible.