Wetsuit tops and pants are a great option when you want versatility and comfort in your water sports gear. Kids wetsuit tops offer warmth and provide protection from the sun and abrasions. Tops can be worn alone or layered in warmer conditions, when water temperatures are in the mid-70s or higher. Pair the wetsuit top with kid’s wetsuit pants or shorts for moments when water temps dip below 70! Wetsuit tops and bottoms are great for any activity, including surfing, diving, wakeboarding, and just playing around in the ocean.

Collection: Kids' Wetsuit Tops & Bottoms

Wetsuit Tops and Pants for Kids

Kids wetsuits tops and pants are great for all kinds of water sports and activities. It's important for kids to stay warm and comfortable while they enjoy the water. In addition to providing warmth, kid's wetsuit tops and pants provide SPF protection from the sun, and we all know how dangerous UV rays can be. Kids rash guard shorts offer the same UV protection and are a great choice for everyday wear or more relaxed days when your child is in and out of the water.

Selecting Kid's Wetsuit Tops & Shorts

Choosing the right gear for your child, whether that's wetsuit separates, a shorty springsuit or kid’s full wetsuit, can be a difficult decision. To learn more about the variety of products for kids and how to shop for them, visit our Help & Advice section or call 866-906-SUIT (7848) to speak with one of our experts.