Designed specifically for Tough Mudder obstacle course events, a Tough Mudder wetsuit, or OCR wetsuit, will keep you protected, warm, and flexible. Tough Mudder is a challenging endurance event that involves running through muddy terrains, crawling under obstacles, climbing over walls, and navigating through icy water, among other challenging tasks. Participants face a combination of mud, water, and various elements, making it necessary to have suitable wetsuit gear that can withstand these conditions. Our selection of thicknesses, styles, and sizes will provide you with the right wetsuit for your outdoor competition needs!

Collection: Tough Mudder Wetsuits

Wetsuits for Tough Mudder and OCR

Tough Mudder participants may choose between full wetsuits or shorty wetsuit versions depending on personal preference and the specific challenges of the Tough Mudder or OCR event. Full wetsuits provide more coverage and warmth, while shorter versions offer greater freedom of movement. If the competition is in warmer temps, maybe consider layering as an option instead for your OCR wetsuit or Tough Mudder wetsuit needs. Layering a wetsuit top with a hood or neoprene socks will provide the perfect amount of insulation and protection and can be quickly removed, if needed.

OCR & Tough Mudder Wetsuits at Wetsuit Wearhouse

A Tough Mudder wetsuit as well as an OCR wetsuit are specialized pieces of gear designed to provide insulation, protection, and comfort to participants during the challenging Tough Mudder obstacle course events. By wearing a suitable wetsuit, participants can better withstand the elements and focus on conquering the obstacles and completing the course! Need help with sizing or figuring out what wetsuit you need? Contact our customer service team today!