If competing in a triathlon is in your future, the best gear option is a triathlon wetsuit, which is designed to provide buoyancy and maintain mobility. However, recreational and non-competitive swimmers can also benefit from wearing a wetsuit. Wetsuits for swimming can be worn in open waters or in pools. For ocean or lake swimming, a wetsuit is suggested when water temperatures drop below 65 degrees. In those conditions, swimming wetsuits provide insulation from the cold and protection from rough water conditions. Whether they are worn in the ocean or in a pool, swimming wetsuits provide buoyancy while maintaining flexibility and range of motion.

Collection: Recreational Swimming Wetsuits

Wetsuits for Swimming

If you choose to wear a wetsuit for recreational swimming, there are a wide range of suits and related accessories available. Swimming wetsuits can be found in both full and shorty styles to match your needs and your comfort. If a wetsuit isn’t for you, consider neoprene separates like wetsuit topsneoprene shorts, and neoprene pants. These items offer protection from harmful UV rays and can make your time in the water more enjoyable.

If you wear a swimming wetsuit in the pool, remember: chlorine can damage neoprene, so be sure to rinse your suit and wash it regularly with wetsuit shampoo!

Selecting Swimming Wetsuits

It's not always easy to find the right swimming wetsuit for your needs. That's why our wetsuit experts are available to answer your questions and make sure you're getting the right suit for you. If you have questions, visit our Help & Advice page or call our customer service team at (866)-906-7848.